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It is essential that you keep your roofing system in good shape. Gutters and down pipes need to be clear to ensure the flow of water from your roof when it rains. Melbourne weather is incredibly unpredictable, even in summer where torrential rains can still occur. A poorly maintained roofing system can fail to properly drain away excess water from your roof and cause leaking into your home. Excess moisture in your roof from a leak can cause extensive damage to the structure of your ceiling and can be quite dangerous for your property.

Bondtek have built up a strong reputation for providing the best gutter cleaners Melbourne has to offer. Our dedicated team of experienced gutter cleaners can take the stress and worry out of roof gutter cleaning. We’re experts in residential as well as commercial gutter cleaning.

You can count on Bondtek to take care of all your roof cleaning needs including:

  • Gutter cleaning
  • Leaf litter removal
  • Dust and dirt removal
  • Cleaning gutter guards
  • Unblocking water flow

For the ultimate gutter cleaning service trust the dedication and exceptional commitment of the team at Bondtek. To make a booking or learn more about gutter roof cleaning please call us on 0418 504 034 or (03) 9775 1616.

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