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If you’re looking for the best leaking roof repair Melbourne has to offer, look no further.

If you notice small leaks coming from your ceiling following rain, it is essential to arrange roof leak repairs as soon as possible or risk expensive damage that could be dangerous to your family. Our leaking roof specialists regularly repair both terracotta and ceramic tiles across Melbourne and the surrounding suburbs and have done so for many years.

We conduct a thorough and careful inspection to find the source of your leaking roof while taking extra care not to crack or damage roof tiles in the process. During an inspection of your roof we’ll check over the tiles, flashings, gutters and drains as well as any other roof protrusions.

Terracotta roof tiles are fairly fragile by nature and thus require more care when we repair a roof leak. If you live on or near the ocean your Terracotta roof tiles can suffer from degradation due to salt which over time makes them brittle and more susceptible to cracking.

For older homes it’s especially important to take extreme care when conducting a roof leak repair. Over time, micro leaks can cause rot in the roof timber frame. It’s important that you can trust your roof repair expert to know how to deal with older homes that may have compromised roof structures.

Call us today for your free no obligation quote to fix your leaking roof. Our team of fully qualified and experienced leaking roof repairmen are fully insured and are proud to provide a service you can count on.

For roof leak repair Melbourne residents can rely on call 0418 504 034 or (03) 9775 1616.

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